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Business Opportunity- Ved Gurukul Franchise

If you are someone who has a educational background of teaching/ training at any level combined with a flair for counseling and looking for a rewarding business opportunity you are at the right place at the right time.

We have the most innovative product combined with a highly competitive model in the field of education and counseling which will enable you not only to own education franchise business but also to become an expert in the subject and that too at a very low startup cost.

Some of the advantages of owning this franchise business are:

Being a new and unique product, this concept has till date reached limited audiences only. So, there is a huge potential to acquire new customers and also, the product being highly beneficial in nature, the cost of acquiring new customers is also very low. The target market is almost 80% of the population.

The only things you need, to operate this business is a Laptop, a fingerprint scanner, audio video system, projector. Hence, the operation cost is very low.

You can conduct your business in any part of the world. Just carry your laptop and a scanner and you are set to roll.

You can have this business as part-time or full-time. Take this as your hobby and work and earn at your convenience.

We provide a comprehensive training module so that you are well versed with the technicalities of the subject and can handle queries confidently. You need to concentrate, learn and enhance your abilities on counseling the candidate after explaining the substance/ contents of the report.

You are never alone in this business. We provide you with the complete quality controlled DMIT Report which is our unique product. Once you upload the client details and scanned fingerprint images, our office takes it up and within a few days you have the report through mail or courier. Our experts will provide solutions to all your queries.

With our comprehensive training along with our innovative product, you will be branded as a highly qualified expert in this field which will also enhance your personal image and brand in society.

  • Potential ROI of at least 100% of advanced capital every month
  • Target Segment is 80% of the Population
  • Business with a Noble Cause
  • Need of every Student and Professional
  • Minimum Infrastructure requirement
  • Complete Training Support by the Company
  • Get High Returns with Assured Peace of Mind, Growth & Satisfaction
  • Right time to enter the almost Virgin Market


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