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Memory Mastery & Study Techniques

  • Help Your Child to Become a Super Learner with Vedgurukul`s Memory Mastery class

Student NLP- Subconscious Reimprinting

  • You will learn to regain your lost interest in any subject or studies.
  • You will learn to overcome any negative state like boredom, anxiety, frustration etc.
  • You will learn to handle unwanted and distracting thoughts during your studies.
  • You will learn to get rid of the habits and behaviors that are distracting you to achieve your goals.
  • You will learn to get rid of any phobia or fear.
  • You will learn to develop your self-confidence.
  • You will learn to model the patterns of successful students and produce wonderful results.
  • You will learn to stay in powerful states and produce the results that you deserve and desire

Ved gurukul Classes

  • All under one roof

The Missing Part in our Educational System

At Vedgurukul we not only teach students how to learn in the classroom! But teach them what to do inside their mind.

This missing piece is the number #1 reason I’ve found why some students struggle in school.

WHAT IS A ‘Subconscious Re-imprinting’?

What do I mean when I say that we need to teach students what to do INSIDE their mind? I’m talking about the thinking process a person goes through when they are learning something.

Let’s take spelling as a simple example. The teacher gives you a learning task such as “Learn this list of 10 spelling words, there is a test next week”.

When the student studies the list of words what do they do in their thinking process specifically ? Some students will say the letters to themselves over and over, some students will write them out, some students will visualize the words in their mind, some students will just look at the list a few times.

The key to effective learning, understanding, and memory is the specific thought process you go through when you are studying. In NLP speak this is known as a ‘Mental Strategy’.

The learning process

To simplify things lets think of learning as a 3 step process.

Step 1) The information to be learned is presented to the student. The teacher explains or shows the information to be learned, we watch a video, we read from a book, we do a hands on task.

Step 2) While listening to the teacher or reading from the book the students are doing SOMETHING inside their thinking process in order to understand and memorize the information.

Step 3) The school will then evaluate the student with an exam or test or some other way to determine how much of the information the student has understood and remembered.

The missing piece – We are not considering the students’ Subconscious Strategy

There are lots of great teachers and wonderful teaching methods out there to present the information and there are many ways to evaluate the students to see how much they have learned.

But what about the part in between when the student is thinking, processing, memorizing the information!!

Some students pick up effective ‘mental strategies’ for learning & memorizing and others don’t.We don’t teach the students what to do inside their mind, we just assume they will learn if we teach in enough different ways.

Instead of having real experiences, we are trying to learn about the world from a book.

Learning in school is a mental skill that needs to be taught to some students.

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