Divya Pradnya Yog – Level 2: Advanced Intuition Process

//Divya Pradnya Yog – Level 2: Advanced Intuition Process
Divya Pradnya Yog – Level 2: Advanced Intuition Process2019-03-26T11:27:00+00:00

Project Description

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) Enhancement

  • In this child is able to do all the activities like identification of colour, object identification without blindfold.
  • In this level child learns how to manage & balance emotions. Even some can identify object behind wall that is why this level is called as ESP
  • After this level child’s clairvoyance power gets activated by which child can manage to identify number, colour & shapes of the cards without touch.
  • The psychometric power of child also gets activated so that child is able to identify colour of the objects in the bowl & behind the wall


  • Intuition, focus & concentration improvement.
  • The answer to success.
  • Super sensory development
  • Flashes of inspiration, intuition, creativity, and deep sensitivity are all right brain activities.
  • Developing children’s HSP abilities (Highly Sensitive Person and Psychic abilities) means opening up the way to a world beyond logic, a world of inspiration.

Project Details


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